President Dr. JoAnn Hayward Elected as the Auxiliary National President aduring the 2015, 50th Convention and Anniversary, held in Mobile, Alabama. Dr. Hayward is also the Chief Executive Officer of

Turning Point Enterprises, Inc.


Vice President Mrs. Judy James Previously served as the Auxiliary Past National President and has recently been voted as the National MPMA Queen and Ladies Auxiliary Vice President during the National 2015, 50th Convention & Anniversary

Held in Mobile, Alabama.





The National MPMA Auxiliary was proposed at the NMPMA National Convention in 1970 (held in Washington, DC) by retired Sgt Major “Hashmark” Johnson.  Sgt. Major Johnson stated that “we need a Ladies Auxiliary to add strength and prestige to our organization”.  At the conclusion of Marine Johnson’s remarks a standing ovation from the floor was received.  The motion was passed and accepted. In 1971 the National Convention was held in New Orleans.  Mr. Jack Loving of Boston was asked to start formation of the Ladies Auxiliary, now named Auxiliary.

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Membership is open to anyone who has a family member that has served in any branch of the United States Military (Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine, or Coast Guard), regardless to race, creed, or national origin.

For more information contact Dr. JoAnn Hayward, Auxiliary National President or Dr. Gina Francist, National Public Relations Officer.


If you are interested in purchasing any items from the Quarter Master store, contact the Auxiliary Quarter Master Mrs. Alberta Abram. All items have a shipping and handling cost. To order yours today email the quartermaster or fill out the ordering invoice form.








Pat Pate

Pat Pate won the 2015 MPMA Chapter 10 Auxiliary Breakfast Basket Giveaway. Special thanks to Renea Lewis and Francetta Martin for hosting the event. Congratulations Pat!












Brouchure & Application

We are always seeking highly motivated and dedicated people who are willing to join and volunteer their time in supporting a prestigious organization that is always striving to give back to its communities throughout this nation.

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Dr. Diane Turner's lifelong passion for preserving

African-American history


Diane Turner has always had a passion for African-American culture and history. Having a love for books and hearing stories of her own history from family members as a child, it wasn’t until Turner was an undergrad at Temple University that her passion led to a future career.

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Recorded lifelong passion for preserving

African-American history by Spouse of Montford Point Marine captured


Mrs. Lucille Cunningham Provides an opportunity of a liftime taliking of her life shared with her husband a Montford Point Marine. This interview was orchestrated by National Auxiliary Historian and Curator Charles L. Blockson Afro-American Collection, Temple University  Dr. Turner is also the Philadelphia Chapter 1 Auxiliary President and was assisted by Dr. JoAnn Hayward the National Auxiliary President. Mr.Ellis Cunningham served in the USMC from 1944-1970. Iwo Jima Survivor. Wounded in action in Korea, 1950. Received The Purple Heart, October 1950. Action in Viet Nam, 1967-1968. Tet Offensive, 1968. Ret 1st Sgt. E8 with six good conduct awards and several other awards

To Listen click here: Mrs. Cunningham Interview



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We the members of the Auxiliary of the Montford Point Marine Association, having a keen sense of responsibility being true Americans and keeping in mind the preamble of the Montford Point Marine Association, band together to aid, assist and promote all matters pertaining to the welfare, social and patriotic work for the benefit of the Montford Point Marine Association members and their families.  We associate and declare these principles to be the foundation and the Preamble to the Constitution and By-Laws of the Auxiliary of the Montford Point Marine Association , Incorporated.





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Monument Project


To construct a fitting memorial to honor the 20,000 African American Marines who fought for the "Right to Fight” and to educate and inspire youth and Marines (Past / Present / Future) and instill the value of perseverance.

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